Intimidation of a blank canvas, get inspired and motivated

Good day to you all.

I finished my painting of Strelitzias. And my new stretched canvas is on the easel. Prepared and staring intimidating back at me. The question is: “what to paint next?”

The thought is overwhelming. Because as an artist, I always have to be busy painting something.

The blank canvas can be very scary, so to speak. It is an anticlimax to finish one painting, you might feel an emotion of “loss”.

With my blogs, I will share personal stories, notes, tips, ideas, course updates, and blog posts to help our readers and followers handle certain experiences that are part of our art world.

To start a new painting. A few thoughts I would like to share

  1. Relax, step back.
  2. Paint a white gesso for priming over the front.
  3. Wait till it dries.
  4. Start the background with a base color – it can be any color you like (this takes the intimidation of the blank canvas away).
  5. Remember layering is good – you can paint over the background once you decided what to paint.
  6. Think about what you need to lift your spirit and paint? Is it nature, or music, or a walk? Act on it.
  7. What do you normally like to paint?
  8. What are you good in?
  9. Take your paint tubes, brushes, and organize them in an new holder. Clean the tubes! as if you will start painting soon.
  10. Do the things that bothers you…like the admin that is piling up! This will make you want to paint in stead of doing admin or cleaning – motivation on its own. I do not like admin and painting is my “reward” after finishing admin.
  11. Get the “flow” back in your art. This means attention engaged in one thing that give you pleasure – painting. If you paint and there are a lot of things you have to do it blocks the creativity.
  12. Give yourself “permission” to paint, to use the time for creativity. Feelings of guilt interfere.
  13. Let the canvas be an inspiration to create something beautifull rather than a threat.
  14. Explore with shapes such as circles, squares, triangles.
  15. Squiggle and draw lines, maybe for something abstract.
  16. You are free to paint whatever you like.
  17. Deside to be an example of a creative person.
  18. Deside that you will not be attached to the outcome of the painting.
  19. Appreciate what you can do, your talent.
  20. Art is therapy,
  21. Have fun!

My best advice that works for me: I paint on 2-3 canvasses at the same time to avoid the feelings of “lost something precious” and “what now?”

Hope you have a nice creative day.



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