Handmade Quilt

Handmade products…you will never be able to get the deserved price for the item you made. That is, if it is made by hand.

With this quilt it took a few weeks during winter to finish. But I loved it. I had to decide which parts of the front I wanted to do embroidery on, because I could start with a lot of enthusiasm but halfway it might be just to musch! Then a project like the quilt endup in the unfinished basket. Sounds familiar? Preparation is thus important as well as planning before you start any handwork.

To work on a project is always much more fun if you can do it with a good friend. You will be surprised how fast the time will pass.

Materials I used for the quilt were cotton for the backing, embroidery batting for the inside and polycotten for the front. And then of cause thousands of handstitches with embroidery threads.

In time I will post more items on my website which indicates the time it took to finish. The posts regarding embroidery will give guidance how to start, everything needed, how to design etc. See handembroided cushion on the website.

For more information: www.lifestyle-art-shop.com

Have a blessed weekend!


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