Handmade paper, use for drawing, art projects

Handmade paper for art projects

How exciting to produce paper out of old newspapers, junk mail, photocopies, and much more. You can add textures like elephant dung and plant seeds.

In this blog, I will explain how easy it is.

You will need a blender, water, old towels, scrap paper, mould and deckle and a storage tub.

Start with tearing paper in smaller pieces. Soak overnight in water.

Pour water halfway in a blender and threw in two handfuls of the soaked paper pieces. Run the blender for about sixty seconds. Add more water and texture. Blend again till pulp.

Fill the storage tub one third with pulp and add water till half full. Stir the pulp and water. Dip the mould into the mixture. Scoop up as if you are scooping water in a saucer. Lightly shake the mould back and forth to align fibres. Let the water drip. Remove deckle from the mould and place mould face down on towel, press and lift.

Place paper sheet on a towel. Use the sponge to press out water from the paper and keep repeating. Take the sheet of paper and place on a flat surface like a wood board. Add some weight to press the paper flat. Leave to dry. After about two days, peel off from the wood board.

If you do not have mould and deckle, I will explain how to make your own. You will need a staple gun, weatherstrip tape, hardware cloth, wire cutters, window screening, two picture frames, duct tape, sponge. (Hardware cloth is a small mesh product and cuts easily. Weatherstrip tape we use to seal doors and windows. Window screening is used for airflow and keep insects outside. )

Cut hardware cloth and window screening, slightly larger than the sizes of the frames. Layer the hardware cloth and window screening on one of the frames, normally on the backside with window screening on top. Stretch and staple on the frame. Trim sharp edges. Cover edges with duct tape.

Apply foam weatherstrip on the edge of the second frame.

Attached is a photo of handmade paper with elephant dung. The artist Val Glass used a porcupine pen to draw a porcupine in ink on the paper, available in our Gallery

Enjoy making your own paper!




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