Handmade Jewelry, Artis Aeris Studio 4Seasons Designer Collection Inspiration Winter

“4Seasons” Designer Collection Winter

I mentioned earlier that Andre van der Bank, owner of Artis Aeris Studio is also the designer of the 4Seasons Jewelry Collection.

Today we show you the next piece in the series. This one-of-a-kind designer piece is the third in our “4Seasons” collection (AAS/28). We explain in more detail the inspiration of the stones used and the overall design.

The leafless trees in winter as well as the different colors of the metals used in this piece depicts the coldness of winter in its full severity. But the Winter piece was also designed with hope for the future in mind – although in winter the trees are leafless, we know winter is important so we can enjoy Spring again (hope).  The stone (Howlite Palm Stone) represents the cold winter picturesque panorama, the white landscape of snowfall while the blue cubic zirconia emphasizes the freezing coldness of winter.  Although the winter season might be cold, it is a season of recovery and preparation, kindness – the chain reminds us of the one flowing into the other. The chain was designed to complement the naked tree branches in this piece.

Winter has its own sparkle…do not hide yours!

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