Favourite artist Mignon, paintings that failed

Wondering why on earth I have put these two topics together?

How many paintings do you keep on arranging and rearranging on your walls to make room for some new ones? What about the half-finished stuff?? Do not through them away!

  1. Paint over them. Give the old or so-called “failed” painting a new life. Use white acrylic and paint over the canvas. This will add texture to the new one.
  2. Turn into new decor. Use tape to mark lines. It can be criss-cross, horizontal, vertical. Paint with bright colors on the lines. You can also paint shapes of all sizes over the lines to add to your new art pieces.
  3. Use Mod Podge. Add texture to the old painting with Mod Podge and for example, fabric, flowers, figures. Use metallic paint for a modern look.
  4. Gifts. Next time family or friends visit you and show admiration for your art, make a mental note, and give the art piece as a gift for them for special occasions.
  5. Children and students. Gesso over the canvas. Use the canvas to demonstrate a new technique for children or students. Or allow children to use the canvas for their own art.

Everyone makes “mistakes”, even the old masters.

One of my favorite artists in history is Mignon. He is known for his flower still life paintings. When we look closely at one of his paintings, we will be able to see a strange-looking part. Overturned Bouquet (1660-79) Rijksmuseum. The art piece is a still life of flowers and the size is 89.5cmx71.5cm, oil on canvas. It shows a cat playing with a mousetrap knocking over a vase of flowers. The water falling on the table and the flowers are beautifully done. Even the small insects, caterpillars, butterflies, snails, ants, and spiders can be seen. But the cat’s face is a mystery to me. What did the artist think about painting the face like that? I agree that the eyes are to round, it has the nose of a human, the mouth looks like a monkey’s. Only Mignon will know…but he did not through the painting away. This painting together with others is today popular by collectors.

Maybe, just maybe it is little “mistakes” or “mystery” in a painting that makes it unique.

Attached is a photo of Mignon’s Overturned Bouquet.


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