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Benefits of using and easel

Why using an easel? Perspective. Objects further away appear smaller than objects close to you. Help keep perspective precise. The artwork on an easel helps you and the client to be able and see how it will look on the wall. Free movement. You will have space to move your arm, wrist, hand, and shoulders […]

Favourite artist Mignon, paintings that failed

Wondering why on earth I have put these two topics together? How many paintings do you keep on arranging and rearranging on your walls to make room for some new ones? What about the half-finished stuff?? Do not through them away! Paint over them. Give the old or so-called “failed” painting a new life. Use white […]

Art meaning explained Cappucino art

What does “art” means? “Art” does not mean only paintings! Art, in its broadest sense, is a form of communication. It is something that is created with imagination and skill, that is beautiful or that express ideas or feelings. It means whatever the artist intends it to mean. This meaning is shaped by the materials, […]

Handmade paper, use for drawing, art projects

Handmade paper for art projects How exciting to produce paper out of old newspapers, junk mail, photocopies, and much more. You can add textures like elephant dung and plant seeds. In this blog, I will explain how easy it is. You will need a blender, water, old towels, scrap paper, mould and deckle and a […]

Handmade Quilt

Handmade products…you will never be able to get the deserved price for the item you made. That is, if it is made by hand. With this quilt it took a few weeks during winter to finish. But I loved it. I had to decide which parts of the front I wanted to do embroidery on, […]

Art and Artists Artist Aeris Studio Jewelry

Today we talk about Andre van der Bank the very talented designer and crafter of Artis Aeris Jewelry. His aim is to capture the essence of Africa in every piece. Pieces are made of copper, bronze, brass, and sterling silver. Soon stones as amethyst will be added in pieces as Andre and the galley work […]