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Birds, Jan Frederik, surrogate for Cuckoo,

Yesterday evening I walked into my garden, and what did I see? A small nest with three eggs. Two eggs are off-white and one is dark brown. I wondered why one bird could lay different colored eggs at the same time? The Red-chested Cuckoo is about 31cm in length. They are highly vocal and eat caterpillars, […]

Power of color, paintings, art,

Color has power and an effect.  In math, we first learn to count, then add and then subtract. When using color we have to learn first what color means, the effect, and then to use it. The first color wheel was developed by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century. It was an arrangement of […]

Artis Aeris Jewelry, Copper, Gemstones, Chic, Classic, Charming and Elegant

Annual Exhibition: Lifestyle and Art Gallery October 2020 Artis Aeris Jewelry is all about staying true to materials and their natural imperfections. Every piece tells a story: We exhibit earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings. Designer pieces and lovely everyday wear are available, unique, and custom made. Jewelry from Artis Aeris are detailed, eco-friendly, flattering, […]

Painting, Composition influence and importance

Composition  A well-composed painting will help invite the viewer and help communicate the artist’s statement. What is composition It is the arrangement or “layout” of visual objects within the artwork, it is where you put the objects, it is the way you as the artist, choose to arrange the objects. Composition affects the way the […]

Importance of details in painting

Importance of detail in a painting Paying attention to detail in everyday life is a skill that is important and necessary for every person. Little things matter. Not only in the artist’s painting. Little things as following up on your clients who purchased a painting from you. When an artist paints realistic, it is important that […]

Benefits of using and easel

Why using an easel? Perspective. Objects further away appear smaller than objects close to you. Help keep perspective precise. The artwork on an easel helps you and the client to be able and see how it will look on the wall. Free movement. You will have space to move your arm, wrist, hand, and shoulders […]