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Louise Kluyts teaches art classes with a difference.

She is a professional art teacher. Her art classes are interesting, she is always well prepared, available after her online classes and has the ability to develop the student’s own style as an artist.

The first class I took with Louise was because I experienced an “art block” – I was not able to start a painting. The canvas was on the easel, I had everything I needed even the theme. When I walked into my studio I looked at the blank canvas, either walk around it or turn around. I even tried to move the canvas to a different spot, like outside, but nothing worked. When I looked at other artist’s work, I got more motivated but the moment I stood in front of my own work, I just could not start. This was where Louise helped me to slowly get started again. With everything she handles during her classes, she is able to direct the student in the right direction and overcome whatever the problem is.

A short description and themes I want to emphasise are: Shadows – she focuses on this and mentions how important light is. Media – the student learns about different media. Forms and  lines get a totally different meaning through the way she presents it for artwork.

Words for art as Stippling, Crosshatching just added to the student’s dictionary. Most of all it means something.

During the art classes, Louise keeps a close eye on her students. Some of us need more time to grasp a technique, emotions of others suddenly get in the way but she accommodates all.

It was good to hear from her that there might not be a single artist that did not doubt what he or she is doing! And I am one of those. Even some of the old masters felt like this. History  is part of art and Louise’s art classes. Not surprisingly that she teaches a lot of interesting facts and provides excellent information during sessions.

One of the most interesting classes was the one about trees and a treat was “The advice from a tree”. Thank you Louise!

When Louise does the planning for an art class, she will go out of her way. If she teaches how to paint an Aloe for example, she will take endless photo s of Aloes in nature: from different angles, showing shadows, colours, location, background, etc. This makes a difference; it is as if you walked with her in nature before starting class.

Louise will also make an effort to communicate from which retailers in our area we could find material that we need for our projects. She also gives tips on using replacements…like using food color in stead of…

The strelitzia class was awesome…it motivated me so much I started a 1840 mm x 1000 mm canvas of strelitzias and I am enjoying every moment painting them.

All and all you will get much more out of Louise’s art classes than you can expect.

I will post more about her and her art classes regularly.Watch my blog! Have a look on our Youtube channel.

Added to this blog  is information regarding the Canola Art classes Louise teaches.

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